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Having stuff for sale is way different than being able to “sell” something. We take pride in being cyclists, using the gear we have for sale, and being able to recommend and endorse products without being required by suppliers to carry a certain quota of their gear.

That said, just because we don’t have it, doesn’t mean we can’t get it or we may not have tried it yet to know if it’s something we should carry. Ask questions, that’s why we’re here. We may also have some insight and experience with special products and how well they handle in the local area.

While bikes are why you’d come to a bike shop, all the rest of the stuff completes the package. Clothing, accessories, bags, helmets and all the rest.

The Ride

Find the bike that’s good for YOU and what you want to do with it. Spending a whole lot of money on a fancy bike is great for our business but if you are sold the bike you need for your purposes, you’ll most likely come back and those are the customers we want to make.

Fuji, Surly, Breezer, and Detroit Bikes. Great brands, great value and even better that they work well with a little specialized shop and are willing to support the small scale, too.

Why those, you ask? Fuji is a great all-around brand. They have it all and you don’t end up paying extra for the “brand” name. Check out the prices and cross-compare and you’ll see. And it’s not just a limited line; they have everything from pro level racing (both road and mountain), touring, casual, and kids bikes.

Surly fills any void that Fuji has. If you’re looking for a light-weight racer, the folks at Surly will tell you to go somewhere else. If you want a bomb proof, highly versatile, functional bike, that’s where they’ll shine. We’re a big fan of making custom builds and configurations.

What We Sell

We peddle what we sell. We also sell what we pedal.


Our Brands

Detroit bikes



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