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As of January 2022, I have decided to take the shop on an "indefinite hiatus." There were too many things working against carrying on with the shop as is and there needs to be a balance of both financial and personal motivation for a business to succeed and the current situation was straining both.

I still do love bicycles and working on bicycles and have been investigating what it would take to return the shop to more of a hobby than a business as The Jack had run it in his later years. But, that involves a whole other set of requirements and challenges to work thru that are fed by the same financial and personal motivation as a business would be. Full disclaimer, I've always had a full-time day job and the shop was always above and beyond all of my regular work and family commitments.

This is not an end; only another beginning. There will be, what we call in the family, a phase 4 of the shop. Please be patient for that to take shape.

In the meantime, if you need anything or want to send encouragement, please use the email above as that is regularly monitored.

Thank you, and see you out on the roads.

-Nick, owner and Jack's grandson

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